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Interlude [13 Oct 2006|03:10pm]
[ mood | calm ]

My, I've been neglectful! But for now, I have a better reason than work. Not to say I haven't been doing my job, of course! That's still my top priority!

Since Cole and I reconnected, we've been spending quite a bit of time together, and between him and WEI and negotiations, I've had very little time to devote to updating in here. You can even ask Rashid! It seems I'm starting to bloom a bit of a social life (it only took me 19 years!) Cole has wanted to learn a little bit more about business and negotiations, so I've been allowing him to come to some meetings (not the very important ones, of course, since he is not affiliated with WEI). He seems to be getting the hang of negotiating (or maybe it's just outright manipulation!) as he always seems to get some personal time with me no matter how hectic my schedule! He and Rashid have also taken to one another, which is great; they are certainly two of the best chess players I know. Rashid can beat me handily (except on my good days!) but Cole always gives him a run for his money. Also recently, Rashid has been getting more into philosophy and reading some of the Greek philosophers, and apparently Cole had toyed around with the idea of minoring in philosophy, so he and Rashid get into quite extensive discussions on the topic. I'm content to just sit back and listen to them, or let them discuss while I manage paperwork.

Cole really is quite a genius, although he disagrees.

So, that is where most of my time has been going, really. Cole is able to do a sort-of independent study at his college, so he doesn't need to be there constantly, but coming up he is going to be having a recital and a jury (Which he is not at ALL nervous about but I am simply a wreck for him!), so I will probably be seeing less of him while he prepares for that and has meetings with his various professors. He's invited me to come along and meet some of his professors and have them listen to me play, but I'm a bit too nervous for that! I'm definitely a recreational violinist, and I'd be too nervous of their scrutiny. I haven't even played for Cole recently despite his insistance. What can I say, it's a little intimidating since he's majoring in music performance and composition. Rashid thinks I am being positively childish, but I can't get over it yet!

When we find out the exact date of his recital, I'll be sure to let everyone know in case you would like to go with me! I've heard him practicing and it promises to be an absolutely brilliant performance!

Mariko has just informed me that I have a conference call coming in. So, I guess I'll talk to you all later!

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[12 Sep 2006|09:26am]
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Dinner Date [06 Sep 2006|08:58pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I had dinner with Cole last night.

It was nice.

It hadn't quite been what I was expecting, but...perhaps in a good way.

I don't mean to be so cryptic! I just don't know if I'm ready to post anything about it yet. We spent a lot of time catching up, naturally, and I'm surprised at how much we still have in common! Cole is playing many more instruments since the last time I took a lesson with his mother, and I'm a bit envious. He's attending college for music composition, performance and education! I think I might be a little envious! He also looks much more like his mother than I remembered.

We're supposed to have dinner again some time next week. Mariko was teasing me about it today, but when I asked her the last time she went out for dinner with anyone other than me, that seemed to keep her quiet!

Well, when I'm ready to talk about the dinner itself, I'll be sure to make a post. For now, you'll all just have to live in suspense not knowing what happened! It was all wonderful, I assure you. Much better than any business dinner I've ever been on!

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Business Update [31 Aug 2006|10:51am]
[ mood | excited ]

Well, for those who didn't see the press conference, I can't help but share the good news that WEI has officially entered contract negotiations with the United States of America! I know I had mentioned it in an earlier entry, but now these negotiations are official and now that it's been announced to the press, I can talk about it all I want. America is already proving to be quite a tough customer, and we don't expect to have contracts negotiated any time terribly soon, but it is quite exciting! The fact that America is slowly emerging from its isolationist policy and has chosen WEI as their resource option is quite a compliment to the company. I think Father would be proud!

I received a call from Callista, one of my sisters, after the press conference aired, and she congratulated me and the company. It was nice to hear from her, but it seems that whenever I start to ask her about her personal life and how she's doing, she has something else to attend to. Of course I don't push her very hard either. It's still awkward between us, but at least she's trying. To celebrate this big event, WEI is going to be having a bit of a party some time next month; I'll let you all know when invitations are sent out!

There are no contract negotiations taking place today, and so I am taking Mariko to my fencing lesson to see if she might be interested in taking up arms with me!

I never thought I'd ever be even mildly excited about any kind of business-related development, but clearly I was wrong!

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Where has the time gone? [28 Aug 2006|04:10pm]
[ mood | content ]

I made a promise to myself to post more often than once a month and yet here I am, a month after my previous post once again! I think Rashid is glad to see me on the computer much less than I used to be, but it really is the only way to stay in touch with everyone whom I do not see on a daily basis. I see Hilde has started writing! It's good to hear from yet another person I haven't seen in quite some time, so welcome aboard!

Quite a bit has happened in the down time from my last entry. As far as business goes, I actually can't talk about it because there is to be a press conference in the next few days (but if you've read my last entry then I have a feeling you might have an idea of what will be announced).

In personal news, which I can talk about, I've started taking lessons with reknowned fencing instructor Omar Mahadeo. Apparently Omar knew my father in college! I didn't know that before I sought him out, but that's quite a coincidence! I've only had a handful of lessons in the past month due to both of our hectic schedules, but I am picking it up again faster than I anticipated, which is exciting.

I also discovered recently that my first violin teacher, Marissa Firneno, passed away. I sent the family my condolences, but unfortunately missed the wake and funeral. I would have loved to play for her one last time. She was the one who recognized my talent and insisted I be taught when my father wanted to end my lessons. She had a son named Cole who was about my age; he was quite the troublemaker! I hadn't heard from their family in quite some time and actually did not know if any of them survived the war, but apparently the whole family made it out in tact. Marissa died of a heart attack about a month ago, and I wonder if the empathetic attacks I experienced around that time were connected to her, but I suppose I'll never really know. Regardless, when I phoned the family (aside from just sending them flowers), Cole was the one who answered! Once we were done remembering his mother, we talked for about another hour, just catching up on what we'd been up to. He was quite interested in my stint as a Gundam pilot, of course, and I think he was a little bit envious. His mother would not allow him to take any part in the war and I don't think Cole really wanted to, or else he would have found a way as I did. Now he and I are scheduled to have dinner next week! He seemed most surprised at me now being the CEO of WEI, recalling to me many a time when I fought with my father about this very future he had lined up for me. But he seemed to understand when I explained to him my guilt and did not press the matter further. I'm quite excited for our dinner! It can't come fast enough!

Mariko has been spending a lot of time with me outside of work. At first she was dragging me shopping with her and picking out items for my wardrobe, insisting that pink on men was such a fad of the past that I needed an update terribly quickly. She still gets irked when I wear my pink shirts to work, but I can't help it! She has managed to rennovate my wardrobe quite a bit, though, and Rashid just finds the whole thing to be terribly amusing. Lately we've needed to cut down on the time we spend outside the office due to the business-related news I can't talk about right now. There were a couple of times we went out to enjoy a movie or something, and of course the paparazzi twisted it into my dating one of my underlings, which I assure you all is not true at all. Mariko is very sweet and we do have fun together, but I would much rather have her as an assistant than as a girlfriend. I believe her sentiments are the same.

During this month where I haven't updated, I also paid a visit to Grandfather on my own. I thought it would be better for either Iria or myself to get there, and it ended up that I had the most free time first, so I took it upon myself. I think at first he might not have recognized me, and then he almost had a heart attack when he finally realized who I was! It really had been far too long since I saw him, and his hearing is already much worse, but I didn't mind repeating myself or talking in a much louder voice than I normally do. He was so ecstatic to see me, it was really quite wonderful. at least I have one more family member I can keep in touch with now I don't want to post too much about what my visit was like with him because it really was quite personal and private, but it was enjoyable and emotional and he and I had a wonderful time. I didn't do any sightseeing despite his insistence because I wanted to spend the entire time with him, since I only had five days with him. I thought he would be lonely, since he lives on his own, and while he was glad to see me, I can tell he isn't exactly lonely when he is by himself. He misses us all, but I believe he finds companionship without us there in the nature around him. I think someday I would like to live like that, finding solace and peace in the company of nature. I've got quite a bit of time before that happens, though!

Dorothy, I'd still like for you and Danny to come visit me at some point (although preferably when you are rash-free!). I can't imagine how much he's grown since the last time I saw him! As for everyone else, I hope you're doing well! Keep in touch!

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Change of Pace [26 Jul 2006|02:22pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I didn't realize it had been so long since my last entry! I was recovering from a bit of illness, then another round of empathetic attacks seized me for a few days, keeping me entirely out of commission. I don't like to post during those episodes for various reasons, but I assure everyone that I am as healthy as can be now. Rashid was holding vigil as if I were on my deathbed, but he's seen me in far worse condition (for example when a certain Mr. Yuy tried to blow himself up). We are still perplexed as to what has been causing the attacks to happen so frequently later and I can only assume it must be one of my family members whom I no longer keep in touch with suffering from bad health. One of them was definitely caused by grandfather, although I don't know if his hearing loss is physically painful. I've learned over time that my empathetic attacks are not always spurred by pain. That just tends to be the most common cause because pain is such a shock to the system that it's easier to pick up on for someone like me. But I knew one of the attacks was caused by grandfather because, while I didn't pass out, I went hard of hearing for about half a day. I guess he was particularly depressed about losing his hearing at that time and that's how I picked up on it. I really must visit him soon, but my work schedule, especially since I missed so many days due to various illnesses, hasn't allowed for it just yet.

As I said, I assure everyone now that I am in top condition. I made up all the meetings and conferences that I missed that Mariko could not substitute for me on. In exciting news, WEI recently had contact from an American representative! It looks like America might be considering using an 'independent' resources provider. It's really no surprise as WEI has always speculated that America simply cannot sustain itself. We were surprised it lasted as long as it did, really. I guess having an isolationist foreign policy will do that. Negotiations will be a slow process, I can already tell, but it will be quite the contract to have if we manage to sign on America. Here's to hoping! I never thought I'd be excited about something to do with this business. Generally I feel that being a CEO forces me to be a type of person, outwardly, that I do not like to be. There are times I have to be forceful and stubborn. I still can't really handle negotiation very well and tend to shrug that off to the Board to do, since they collectively negotiate much better contracts than I think myself able to do. I do, however, enjoy going to the conferences and making the necessary business connections to keep WEI ahead of the game. I like being able to be who I am, and be personable and friendly and genuine all for the benefit of the business. It's nice to know, I guess, that I haven't lost who I really am while living the life my father wanted me to pursue.

I have started to have more free time lately, as I mentioned earlier, and Mariko has taken it upon herself to seek a social life for me! Rashid finds it very amusing and teases me quite often, insisting that Mariko has a bit of a crush on me. She attempts to get me to go to parties and bars on the various colonies or in the various countries we visit, but she doesn't seem to understand that's completely not my thing! I don't even like to drink! After work today she insists on taking me shopping (can you believe that? She's my business assistant, not a personal assistant!) for more 'suitable' casual clothing for me. She says that even when I dress down by my standards, I'm still dressed up by everyone else's! I don't see a problem with my wardrobe, but no matter how much I beg, Rashid refuses to save me from her determination. I will say that Mariko has helped me have a social life just by interacting with me outside of work. Maybe I can convince her to listen to some classical music if I agree to shop with her another time. It's been so long since I made a new personal friend (not a business 'friend' or contact) that I can't tell if this is the start of a friendship or just her carrying her duties as assistant one step further!

Dorothy, I've been missing in action lately and therefore you and Danny still have not had a chance to visit and relax! The offer is still open, especially as my schedule is beginning to free up (barring any more illnesses!). I've been thinking of possibly having a bit of a gathering. It's been a while since I've heard from anyone else and I thought maybe a bit of a get together would rectify that problem. What better way to have a gathering than to revolve it around Danny, right? Regardless, I would like to see you at some point, hopefully soon! I'm sorry to hear that Lyle was harassing you earlier, but I'm glad that was taken care of. If you ever need bodyguards, there are numerous Maganacs who would jump at the opportunity (they've grown quite fond of you).

Hopefully I'll be able to keep this journal more updated now that I'm in good health with a relatively free schedule. I started to turn into Trowa or Heero, disappearing from the face of the planet for months at a time! (I'm just kidding!)

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Summertime [20 Jun 2006|02:32pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I remember when I was younger, before I encountered Sandrock and was aware of the conflict about to erupt, how summer was a nice relaxing time. It wasn't really like a vacation for me, since I was mainly home schooled and therefore learned over the summer as well. I just remember all the wonderful weather and sunshine and how everyone seemed to be more friendly and amiable during the spring and summer except for my father.

This is not so in the businessworld. Once everyone was sure that I was back to full health and able to sit in meetings, they piled the meetings on. It seems that summer is actually overtime for businesses, where they try to cram everything in that they didn't accomplish during the start of the new year. Since it can take a couple of months to solidify a contract, now is the time that contracts need to be negotiated and sent through lawyers and the like to be signed before the end of the business year. Especially when businesses make promises to their employees or clients that they haven't accomplished yet, the summer is when things start to get hectic at times. It's funny, since many people like to take vacations during the summer, you think they'd try a little harder during the rest of the year to get things accomplished, but it never happens.

But really, it's nothing new. I'm used to any of my free time being taken up by emergency negotiations, especially ever since the thing with Egypt. I have people threatening to pull out of negotiations and contracts all the time now if they don't get exactly what they want. Which, of course, defeats the purpose of having negotiations.

Other than an increase in conferences and meetings, nothing of note has been happening. I'm back to full health and everything is going smoothly. I'll be taking off soon to visit my Grandfather, who is facing some health issues. I really should've seen him much sooner, but I just assumed...well, it doesn't matter now. There are no excuses, really. I should have visited him much sooner.

Rashid is thrilled that I am reconnecting with some of my family, but I've warned him not to get too excited about it. It's amazing how working for WEI has started to turn me into quite the pessimist. I try not to be, of course, but some days it's harder than others. I always get over it, though, so no worries!

At least when I visit Grandfather, I won't have to be going to meetings!

I hope everyone is doing well! Do make sure to keep in touch!

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Finally some down time [03 Jun 2006|08:29pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Could it really have been so long since my last update? I guess it has! Between meet-and-greets and business conferences (for some reason the early summer seems to be the prime time for business conference 'getaways'. They try and trick you with 'exotic' locations, but really you spend the entire time in a suit in various panels and Q&A sessions and get to see very little of the location), plus some worrisome fluctuations in my health, I suppose I've been busy.

For the last week or so in May, Mariko was practically on her own as I was bedridden at doctor's orders. I'm fine now, but I'm lucky the world didn't end while I was under the weather. I suppose that was Mariko's ultimate test and she passed wonderfully. I couldn't have found the office in better order upon my return, and I got some actual rest in to boot!

I don't want any of you to worry, I'm fine now. Part of the reason I didn't update at the time was because I didn't want anyone to worry. It wasn't an illness, per se, just a series of empathetic attacks, which the doctors always get spooked about since they can't rationalize it with themselves or me. Rashid seemed particularly worried and even took a few days off while I was ill to look after me (despite there being 39 other Maganacs available to do so). He didn't look too healthy either, but he wouldn't hear any of it when I would ask him to go rest. There were a few times when I woke up and he had fallen asleep in the chair next to my bed. The chairs may be comfortable, but they're certainly no place to sleep!

Dorothy, I was wondering how everything's going with Daniel. I haven't had time to catch up on your journal entries yet--I went from being sick to being busy--but thanks to Mariko I'm not backed up on work if you'd still like to drop in for a visit at some point.

Iria, I've been meaning to ask you...do you know how the rest of our sisters are doing? I just...can't ask them myself get worried whenever I get these attacks and can't figure out why. Also, is our Grandfather still in good health? Nothing's happened to him, has it?

Well, I've got to sign-off now! I hope everyone's doing well, and I'll catch up on all your journals when I have a chance. I hope to see some of you soon!

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Surprises Abound [14 May 2006|11:14am]
Well, my guest appearance at the business conference in Scotland went off very well! It was quite an experience to be talking to all these older business owners and giving them tips when most of them have been in the business of running a business for far longer than I have. Of course, I have the advantage in that my father made WEI very successful before I too it over, so my job is really maintaining relationships instead of forging them.

Dorothy, I read your journal about finally finding a nanny, and aside from a meet-and-greet (yes, another!) coming up, and some executive meetings, I'm prepared to clear my schedule at any time for your visit! Plus, Mariko is really top notch, so I feel confident that I can step out for a few days at any time and she'll be able to handle herself spectacularly.

The businessmen in Scotland seemed very pleased at my talk and interested in having me back some time, so it seems that even though I don't have to forge relationships, I'm doing it anyway! Father had a tendency to ignore Earth a little in his hope to provide resources to the colonies, but countries on Earth need resources as well!

When I was done with the business conference, Rashid and I were planning on doing a bit of sightseeing. We ran into my sister, Iria, whom I have not seen in a handful of years and it was absolutely wonderful to reconnect with her! At first I had been hoping not to run into her. It was a nice surprise, although at first I think we were both a bit nervous, having not seen eachother in quite some time. Our encounter took up most of my sightseeing time, but it was well worth it. She doesn't blame me. I think she's the only one

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An Invitation [05 May 2006|11:18am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Well, this weekend on L2 went very well! I was pleased. The Meet and Greet went very smoothly and was very nice. There were few complaints, and I know this wasn't because security was keeping dissenters out because it was open to everyone and I think I got a chance to talk to just about everyone there. Plus, everyone knows that those with complaints always push their way to the head to make sure they get heard, which is fine. I had Mariko with me jotting down people's names and their comments, and when we're done with the series of meet and greets we have planned we're going to sit down an evaluate the feedback. It is quite nice to be able to interact with the citizens! Rashid was worried--he always worries when there isn't super tight security--but of course nothing happened.

I did have a handful of people talk to me about the war as opposed to WEI, and it was saddening and refreshing at the same time. Strangely enough, the war is something I can talk about easily now (save for certain specific topics). But, as I've said to Dorothy before, sometimes I miss knowing where I fit in, and being able to easily keep in touch with everyone. I never thought living in a time of peace would be more tumultuous than wartime. During the war I knew my missions and goals and my roles. I was doing something I believed in and felt was right and had to be done. I did my personal best not to harm anyone, which might have seemed foolish or childish to the other pilots, but I managed it successfully. Some people asked me if I kept my Gundam around, but I refused to answer that question. It's better if people don't know the truth, I think. Others just asked me to recount my experiences, which I could only do briefly. But it was a nice little break from talking about the company.

Also at the meet and greet, I was invited to a small business meeting in Scotland this weekend as a guest speaker! I was quite flattered, and after having Mariko check my schedule and assure me there were only executive meetings that she could sit in on and inform me about, I accepted! So, this weekend I'll be spending some time in Scotland hoping I don't run into Iria, since I know it's on her itinerary! Apparently it's a conference for local businesses hoping to expand their horizons and do more business on a more national level or something of that nature; they're going to fax my office over the details and the items they would like me to talk about. There will also be a Q&A, apparently. It's quite exciting! Apparently a representative and organizer of the conference traveled all the way to L2 just to give me the invitation in person! How flattering!

I don't think of myself as any kind of celebrity in the business world or anything, and Rashid keeps insisting that's foolish. I suppose it is, but just like in the war, I'm not doing this for the attention or the fame. sometimes I'm not sure why I'm doing this So I guess I just never expect to receive either of those things. This is part of the reason I'm lucky to have Rashid around. I never think I need all the security he insists on me having (which is less than he would like due to our compromising), but it has come in handy more than once. I just never expect to be recognized on the street or in the stores. I guess it's because when I'm in Saudi Arabia, no one really pays me any mind. I've lived there all my life, as has my family, and it doesn't really matter to them that I'm the Winner heir, or the CEO of WEI. The only thing that gets me any celebrity really is the fact I was a Gundam pilot in the war. Even though I was technically representing L4, they all know my family is from Saudi Arabia and they take great pride in that.

Since the business conference in Scotland this weekend is small, I'm only planning on taking Rashid with me if I can convince him that no more security is necessary. I've never been so excited for a business-related trip!

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[28 Apr 2006|09:35am]
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New Lives! [26 Apr 2006|02:34pm]
Well, I'm sure everyone's heard by now, but Dorothy had her son! Rashid approves of the name Daniel, by the way. As if you need his approval, but he felt it very important for me to tell you so.

I went to visit her this past Sunday in the hospital, and Daniel is very sweet. Remember, Dorothy, you promised to come visit once he was delivered, and now I'm going to hold you to that promise! Congratulations! I wish I had thought to bring a camera so I could have gotten some pictures to show! The Maganacs wanted to come as well, but I figured you didn't need 40+ people in the hospital room with you.

Other than that, things have been same old same old. Mariko hasn't fallen ill again, Ahmose has yet to show his face again...it almost feels like life is going back to relatively normal! Rashid wants me to take a few days off because he still insists I look pale, but I feel fine, if a little tired. I plan to take my days off when Dorothy comes to visit and I can spend some time with her and her son, and hopefully she'll be able to relax.

In a bit of unrelated news, I was thinking of taking up fencing again. I mean, it's not that I ever stopped doing it, I just haven't had much time to practice it. So I was thinking of looking up some instructors and perhaps getting some private lessons to brush up. That is, only if things keep running smoothly with the company. I have a business conference on Friday and Saturday and then a sort of PR thing on Sunday. It's supposed to be a bit of a meet & greet, which at first sounds silly since I'm not really a celebrity, but it's to get feedback from the citizens that comes directly to me so I can see what kinds of changes need to be made. This one is supposed to be taking place on L2, so I guess I won't be seeing too many (if any) familiar faces there! But within the next month or so we're supposed to be having numerous meet and greets. Mostly because of the Egypt fiasco which is still ringing in our ears, the PR department thought it would be good to re-emphasize how WEI really pays attention to and cares about the citizens. That's what Father's vision was, after all. He just wanted to make sure that the residents of the colonies (and some places on Earth) get all the resources they require to have comfortable lives. Sometimes the contracting process seems to dilute the goal.

If nothing else I just want to try and keep my Father's dream alive. I wouldn't lie to myself and think I'm really cut out for this kind of work. It requires me to be more forceful than I feel comfortable being and really leaves me as a bit of a loner. But in the end I know that I'm really helping people in a very important way, almost as important as it was to fight in the war (although my Father obviously disagreed with that).

Well! I went off on a bit of a tangent, didn't I? I guess it's just something I've been thinking about especially after Iria's entry

Anyway, Dorothy, I hope your family isn't interferring too much, and if you need an escape my offer is perpetually open to you!
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Lapses [17 Apr 2006|09:35pm]
[ mood | busy ]

I swear, I can't keep track of time despite all the calendars and schedules I have lying about. Is it possible that it's been more than a month since my last update? Well, I guess I should start off by assuring you all that I'm still alive! Actually I suppose I do know where that whole month left. It's almost too funny to believe it's true. Rashid and I finished training Mariko, so I took a few days off, partly as a test and partly because I needed a break, and during that time I visited Dorothy. After I got back from visiting Dorothy, which was the most relaxing visit with anyone I think I've ever had, Mariko fell ill! It was something flu-like, but she was out for about a week. Can you believe it? We might need an assistant for her, just in case it happens again and I'm out of town!

So while she was sick it was back to the old routine. That, and Rashid kept me on virtual lockdown because of the Ahmose incident. However, Ahmose hasn't shown up since, thank goodness. But Rashid's also been unable to track him again, which makes him a bit ornery. I wonder why Ahmose showed up if he was just going to disappear again, but I can't pretend to understand how the man's mind works. Maybe he's given up his vendetta. That would be nice. But until there's solid proof of that, I guess I'll just be on lockdown for the rest of my life. Which is all right, really. I spend most my time with Rashid anyway, so most the time it doesn't even feel any different.

I was on L2 for a couple of days in this past month for a business conference, and I had thought about looking for a certain braided friend of mine, when I remembered that he's on Earth now! I also spent a few days on L3, but I couldn't make it to the circus. Has anyone heard from Trowa or Catherine lately? I hope they're all right. Speaking of, I haven't heard anything from Relena. Has she worked herself to death? I think we had a bet on who was going to overwork themselves first, so I really need to know what she's been up to. I certainly hope she's all right!

You know, I don't know if it's good or bad that I lost a whole month. I mean, I suppose it's good that it all blended together because that means nothing too critical happened. There were no canceled contracts or any major disputes, so I suppose that's good. And it means I've gotten used to the routine and the meetings. But at the same time, couldn't it be bad that all the days blend together? I need a little more excitement in my life! Oh well, I guess we'll have to see. I don't really want anything exciting; that incident with Egypt was quite exciting enough for the next year or so, I think!

Rashid says I've been looking pale lately, but I have to keep reminding him that I'm always pale. I think he's worried that whatever Mariko was sick with will infect me too, even though it's been a couple of weeks and Mariko has been fine since. I really think Rashid worries more than I do!

Dorothy, you have to keep me posted on your giving birth. I'm prepared to come and visit your son as soon as he's arrived! I'm so excited for you, it's practically like he's my own son!

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The Past Never Dies [07 Mar 2006|04:53pm]
[ mood | worried ]

In my experience I've always learned that the past can never quite be put to rest. Whether it's nightmares or memories or old friends, the past is never gone. It shapes who we are and what we've become and the choices we make. I never really like to forget the past, even the painful memories. They make me who I am. There are, though, some memories or events that are more painful than others.

Ahmose seems to have resurfaced, and I am certain it is no coincidence that he is in the same general location I am (Rashid is reading over my shoulder and forbids me from saying anything more than that as to my location, although clearly it hasn't kept Ahmose from being able to find me). Nothing...he hasn't done anything yet. Just made his presence known. He just waltzed into the main building and asked the front desk if I was in. They recognized him right away, of course, and luckily he left when they asked him to so there was no spectacle. I have a funny feeling this is the start of something, although I can't say I really know what.

This isn't the only thing to have happened recently that feels a bit like a resurrection of the past. It's funny how just when things start to fade, or just when one is ready to accept and move on, the same issues keep popping up anew, making it impossible for the wounds to heal.

Rashid has me on what he likes to call double watch, which basically means he's doubled the number of my bodyguards everywhere I go. Mariko was on her own for most of today as Rashid did not want me leaving the building to go to any outside meetings. I was worried about her until I realized a few things about Ahmose. He clearly is holding a personal vendetta against me specifically, so I think that bars Mariko from being harmed despite her being my protege of sorts, and he doesn't know who she is or what she looks like or what her job is.

Dorothy, I may have to postpone a visit to see you in light of this. I wouldn't forgive myself if anything should happen while I was visiting you. Although perhaps Rashid will be able to find a way to sneak me to you. He's quite crafty.

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[06 Mar 2006|11:00pm]
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Time Flying By [02 Mar 2006|01:51am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Things certainly have started to pick up the pace around here! I thought I was going to have some free time to visit with Dorothy, and perhaps have Duo to visit, but instead Rashid and I have been busy training not one, but two assistants for me. One will serve more as Rashid's aide, but both need extensive training in learning the ropes of WEI, and so we've been busy with that.

It is a bit of an uncomfortable situation, I'll admit, because I feel almost like I'm training someone to be my protege, and I remember my father trying to do this to me. But I'm too young to have a child, really, and considering I've never had a relationship that would lead to having a child, so it's weird that I've taken on this woman...who I think might actually be a year or two older than I am, and I'm training her to be my personal assitant with the idea that if I ever cannot fulfill my duties, she'll know what to do (with Rashid keeping her in check). She's a very sweet, competent girl named Mariko who has had a lot of organizational and administrative experience, so I'm excited to see what she'll be able to do in this position.

I do wish that at least a couple of my sisters would take a more active role in the business. They seem disappointed when I inadvertently screw something up, and yet none of them wants to lend a hand. I am the youngest, after all. But I guess I shouldn't really complain. Most of them already have their own careers, and even their own families. I have a few nieces and nephews that I've never actually seen, if that's believable! Maybe someday when they forgive me I'll see them. I'm just too busy most the time, and usually my sisters won't return my phonecalls.

Duo, Rashid is looking forward to seeing you some time soon. Mariko's training has been going on for a few weeks now, and it's winding down, so that should free up some time for me if you'd like to stop by for a visit. I can easily be on Earth at any time, just let me know a couple of days in advance! I'd really like to catch up with you; I feel like it's been ages.

And Dorothy, I'm sincere about my visit, I promise, even though I've been sick, and then busy. And I didn't want to stop by while I was still feeling under the weather because I don't want to get you sick, of course! I hope everything's going well for you. We'll have to catch up some time.

I've been feeling much better since my illness from a few weeks ago, although Rashid still watches me like a hawk. I swear, sometimes I feel like I'm still a little child with the way he watches after me. I think sometimes he forgets that I am was a Gundam pilot. He treats me like I might break if someone bumps into me too hard. But I think I should be worried about him! He's no spring chicken, after all!

I just wanted to keep everyone posted on recent goings-on. I've been having a bit of trouble falling asleep and staying asleep lately, and so I thought what better way to use that time then to keep in touch with all my friends! But I'm starting to feel sleepy again, so I suppose I'll get back to bed!

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[07 Feb 2006|12:02pm]
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It Is the Season [30 Jan 2006|09:08pm]
[ mood | sick, but getting better! ]

It's been a long while since I've escaped this time of year without getting sick. I don't know what it is, but it always happens. I had been hopeful this time around that I wouldn't get sick, I didn't feel the usual onset. But about a week ago I got something akin to the flu, I think. It was quite severe for a couple of days, and Rashid had to be my stand-in at various meetings and video conferences. Which he was more than happy to do for me, of course, but I felt terrible having to ask him to do it on such short notice. Of course, I felt terrible in general! I'm just glad it wasn't a stomach virus--there's nothing I hate more than nausea.

Rashid and I were planning to start interviews for a sort-of assistant for me, one who would act as my stand-in and take some responsibility from Rashid. Especially with the new year, people are expecting the CEO to be in more than one place at the same time, and Rashid has his own job responsibilities. So, if we could hire a deputy who would attend the secondary meetings and give me briefings, that would be ideal. We're forging new contracts with Iran and a handful of South American countries, and still negotiating some contracts with some countries after the Egypt fiasco. I do hope this year will go a lot more smoothly than last year, and that hopefully I'll be able to spend more time with all my friends! I've been thinking of throwing another party some time, as everyone seemed to enjoy the other one so much.

Anyway, since I was sick I'e got a lot to catch up on, so I don't have time to write too much in here! I hope everyone is doing well and I'd love to hear from you all some time!

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Starting with a Bang [18 Jan 2006|08:02am]
The holiday season, and the new year, were relatively uneventful around here. Rashid handed out his gifts from Ireland--he bought me a beautiful journal engraved with celtic symbols, and a fountain pen to write with! They're gorgeous, and I couldn't have asked for anything nicer!

I apologize for not being around lately, and it will probably be a bit longer. Upon everyone returning to work, we discovered that the network at WEI was down. The technicians believe it's due to some kind of bug or virus, and so the connection has been spotty as they try and isolate the problem and fix it without our network being completely shut down.

The holiday vacation was nice, but filled with a fair share of business parties, not just the office party that we had at WEI. It's always so well planned and well received, though, and I think it's one of my favorite parts of the holiday. It's rare that I get to meet with some of the lower-level workers, since there are just so many of them, and the party lets me really get in touch with them. I met one woman who's worked with us for almost 30 years and her daughter just started last year with us! How wonderful!

Well, there's another scheduled network shutdown around 8:30, so I suppose I'll sign off for now! I hope everyone will keep in touch, and I wonder if my holiday cards arrived on time? Anyway, if not, I hope everyone had a relaxing time!

Duo, my offer still stands, if you'd like to come visit I can easily make time to spend with you!
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Holiday Season [12 Dec 2005|08:42pm]
Well, the holidays are fast approaching! It's quite exciting. The headquarters is decked out in various holiday getup--I don't ascribe to any particular holiday this time of year, it's really just the general good will and peace that I enjoy. And the gift giving, of course! I've been using up all my spare time shopping for just about everyone I can think of (with 29 sisters I've learned to be quite a speedy, effective shopper!), and I've also been trying to fill out holiday cards and things. I actually have more time to do all of this than I first expected; I suppose during the season everyone starts to become more mellow and easier to get along with, which would account for the decreased number of conflicts. Or perhaps they're just saving it all for the new year! I certainly hope not.

I think Rashid may have me topped this year, since he was able to do some shopping in Ireland. He refuses to give me whatever gift he got me until it's closer to some holiday, instead of in the middle of december; I still can't believe he got me something! I told him he didn't have to! I suppose I should've expected him not to listen.

He has long since recounted his exploits and it seems that it was a vacation well planned and chosen! We're still getting his film developed (the two of us are fans of old-fashioned photography as opposed to all the digital things nowadays), but it seems he had quite the adventure! And now he's much more relaxed and refreshed--I would almmost envy him if I weren't so happy he had a great time!

Anyway, it seems I'm losing touch with everyone again! I guess it's silly for me to expect to be able to keep in touch under the circumstances. I just hope everyone's doing all right! I'd love to hear from some of you; and if I don't have an address to send your cards to, you should give me one!
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